Baggage reconciliation

Avion offers B2B consultancy services for baggage reconciliation and lost & found property management.

Assistance in baggage reconciliation and management services: Avion support.

Our AQ Business Unit, present in the airport industry since 2012, provides to airlines and tourist facilities its expertise in consultancy dedicated to baggage reconciliation and lost & found property management.

Airlines that outsource Customer Service for lost & found property management, and Italian accommodation facilities that want to increase the quality of their guests’ stays, can choose from various support services provided Avion‘s WorldTracer® certified staff.

Our services

  • Back Office Support for Lost & Found (Secondary Tracing)
    Search for lost luggage from 5th to 45th day after opening the file on the WorldTracer® system
  • Customer Relations Service Support
    Customer Relations Service and Management of compensation claims
    Control of Reason for Loss (RL) and Fault Stations (FS)
  • Customer Service Loyalty Programme
    MSF and MSL records
  • Fraud Prevention and Management
    Reporting of fraud attempts to the authorities


The Avion AQ team provides baggage reconciliation consultancy.

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