About us

We are passionately committed to satisfying every request in terms of international goods shipments, whether import or export.

Experts in international freight shipments, ready to give you the tailor-made consultancy you need.

Between the production industry and the final consumer lies the articulated chain of international goods shipments: we, at Avion, have been operating in this market ever since 1995.

We are a company that has expanded from Italy and built solid relationships with the major players in the global import and export industry. The company’s bond with the world of shipping originated around 70 years ago, when Vittorio Emanuele Giordano and his wife Eugenia Bramati wanted to transfer the skills they had acquired in this industry to their children. The foundation of Avion S.p.A. by the Giordano family represented the passing down of these skills and knowledge to the next generation.

Since then, the world of cross-border shipping has been a constant fascination for us, identifying us and encouraging us to invest in people and expand our services. We strive every day to find the very best solutions for the shipping of goods all over the world with complete safety, security, precision and punctuality.


With a network of professionals in 22 offices in Italy and abroad, we develop solutions and services for international goods shipping and handling. For each type of product, we adopt a personalized approach, listening to customers individual needs and guaranteeing the protection of their assets.

We do not limit ourselves to managing tailor-made shipments, but also extend our support to customs clearance consultancy, assuming bureaucratic and tax formalities on behalf of the customer.

The Team

We believe that the very best services must, first and foremost, have an energetic and dynamic team behind it, made up of motivated people with different know-hows:

for this reason, we rely on international freight shipping experts with transversal skills. With a view to continuous growth, our personnel are constantly updated on the evolution of the various product industries in order to respond flexibly to market needs.

Made in Italy

We do this job proud to contribute to making our country’s economy more competitive. Indeed, with efficient international shipments, the production industry also benefits, and establishes itself more successfully and extensively in the rest of the world.

Not only do we understand what companies need, but we work to maintain the high visibility and success of ‘Made in Italy’. Our service vision finds objective confirmation in the certifications we have obtained over time, which guarantee the application of indispensable quality standards throughout the distribution chain.

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