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Rail shipping: faster than sea shipping and less expensive than air shipping, it is a valuable alternative to traditional shipping methods.

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International rail shipments: the advantage of choosing our services.

The constant growth in demand in the shipping industry has created new needs in terms of speed and distances to be covered. Avion has, therefore, expanded its operational scope to the import and export services via rail, in order to connect specific industrial markets with each other.

In particular, on the Europe-China route, we believe that the rail cargo solution is an efficient response to the increase in traffic between these two regions.

Opting for the Rail Service, whenever the volume of goods allows for it, offers clear advantages to our customers:

  • Halving of transport times compared to sea freight forwarding
  • Significant cost saving compared to air freight forwarding
  • Simplified border crossings
  • Intermodal transport (integration of rail and road transport for the first and last mile)

The added value of rail shipping also translates into environmental sustainability, thanks to a decrease in CO2 emissions compared to air and sea transport.

Our services

Avion’s specialized team manages international rail freight forwarding by:

    Full container load
    Partial container load

Personalized solutions

We understand the different needs of companies, and, for this reason, we develop tailor-made rail transport solutions:


Our truck service picks up the goods, takes them to the departure terminal, and take cares of the delivery right up to the final destination.
Departures are weekly, and the pick-up of goods is guaranteed for all the main areas of China up to the intermodal terminals.


Groupage Service

We group and consolidate goods with different origins and senders but one single destination.

The Avion team dedicated to international rail freight forwarding will identify the best solutions for your cargo.

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