Digital tools

New management and customer relationship models: Digital Transformation brings innovation to the international shipping market too.

Digital services for International shipments: at Avion, we optimize the Supply Chain.

Today, the connection and interaction of all parties in the distribution chain can help ensure an efficient freight shipping system.
Our company is committed to developing technological solutions and digital services to streamline and speed up communications between individual departments. With the coordination of an in-house business unit, we have exploited digital opportunities to automate many of the most common procedures in our daily work-flow.

Optimizing customer communication is the other point on which technology allows us to stand out: through our secure and easy-to-consult online portal, we meet the customers’ needs by offering them the possibility to access confidential information on international shipments 24 hours a day.

End-to-End solutions for companies.

Thanks to its control towers in Europe and Far East, Avion is able to provide digital solutions tools supporting the supply chain based on the visibility and control of the logistic flow “From Supplier’s Supplier -to- Customer’s Customer”.

The large-medium companies that are currently involved in goods distribution systems, in all industries and globally, are increasingly interested in technological platforms able to:

◾️ better synchronize all the touchpoints of the logistics supply chain (commodity receipt-production-sorting-delivery)

◾️ saving operational time and mistakes due to manual data entry and use of paper documents


To meet new demands of global trade, Avion has developed a new Business Unit specifically for companies that want to take advantage of targeted advice and services in planning their Digital Supply Chain.

A skilled dedicated team -from origin to destination -operates with digital processes to ensure the successful flow of all your orders:

  • Vendor management
  • Order Management
  • Documents Check
  • Billing Audit & Dispute management
  • Financial planning and budgeting


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Our services

Advanced digital services to optimize international shipments.

Thanks to its global network and the use of advanced IT systems, EDI and API integration, Avion is able to offer its customers Purchase Order (PO) management, End-to-End Visibility and Global Tracking on all shipping flows, monitoring every single item, from production to final delivery at the destination warehouse.

The complete digitalization and monitoring of each shipment phase and Purchase Order allows our international customers to constantly check their shipment, and organize the management of warehouse stocks in advance, thus reducing transport costs and optimizing supply chain management.


WMS – Warehouse Management System and CROSS-DOCKING
The simplification of warehouse management systems with digital technology: Avion offers third-party integrated logistics services using innovative software and dedicated Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) for the constant monitoring of operations and all related activities, from the entry of goods into the warehouse to subsequent processing and delivery at the destination (B2B/B2C).

The digitization of these activities brings many advantages to customers in terms of the times and costs of logistic activities, but not only: the possibility of interfacing and integrating with other management systems allows complete visibility of the handling and stock management of each item or stock keeping unit (SKU) managed on behalf of our customers.

Avion’s WMS fully integrates with the company Transport Management System (TMS) and with other e-service platforms via EDI/API flows, therefore transforming orders into shipments, streamlining operational processes and dramatically reducing error margins with respect to traditional manual data entry.


Avion’s Collaboration Platform provides transparency and the immediacy of useful data, with restricted access allowing you as a customer to:

  • Consult your shipment history
  • Check the status of your shipment in real time (Online tracing)
  • Search operational and accounting documents
  • Generate reports in Excel format


EDI – Electronic Data Interchange
EDI represents a common language for exchanging data between partners, saving time and allowing you to focus on the human aspect of business relations that makes the difference.


QMS – Quote Management System
With the use of innovative tools and specialists, we optimize the complex quotation process, involving a great variety of tariffs and multi-modal and door-to-door aspects, to and from any international location, thus making quotes transparent and straightforward, without any surprises, in just a few clicks.

The Avion team is at your disposal to make your international shipments more efficient through advanced digital tools.

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