Project Cargo

Avion provides services for the exceptional transport of heavy and oversized loads, thanks to its qualified network of foreign agents.

International shipment of heavy and oversized loads: Avion’s know-how.

Heavy, oversized and indivisible: the shipment of special loads demands specific know-how and special equipment.
The products of mechanical, metallurgical and iron and steel heavy industry sectors generally need an exceptional transport service that demands particular know-how and reliable equipment.

Special trucks, with particular technical and safety specifications, allow us to manage cross-border shipments of heavy equipment, such as turbines, transformers, silos, and all kinds of oversized goods and bulky machinery that cannot be disassembled or divided up for transport.

The transportation is preceded by careful itinerary planning, according to the distances to be covered and the most suitable handling means, and an intermediary service that guarantees the special authorizations demanded by the highway code.

On-site packing activities can be personalized for a better analysis of risks during the delicate phases of loading and unloading the heavy goods. On request, we can also manage the customs clearance and tax procedures that can be particularly complex given the nature and volume of the exceptional loads.

Completing the personalized management of maritime Project Cargo shipments is a choice of ships and boarding systems (break bulk, multi-purpose, barges).

Shipping method

Avion’s specialized team manages international heavy load shipments by sea, air and land via:

  • Charter Services (partial/full)
  • Exceptional road transport


    Suitable for oversized goods loads, including both height and width


    Dedicated to heavy and oversized goods

Extra Services

    Assistance for customs clearance relating import / export activities to and from all countries

The Avion team dedicated to international heavy loads shipments will identify the best solutions for your cargo.

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