Social Commitment

Avion is committed to dedicating attention and resources to social projects beyond the international shipping market.

Avion partnerships for the development and sponsorship of social and sports projects.

We believe in the importance of conveying messages, as well as goods, aware that contributing to the development of valuable projects is also a motivating factor in the growth of our international shipping company.

For years, we have enjoyed supporting the activities of various national associations and foundations, with which we share important values such as responsibility, sharing and accessibility.

We are especially proud to partner with the Piero and Lucille Corti Foundation, which has been running St. Mary’s Hospital Lacor in Equatorial Africa for 30 years with the goal of “offering the best possible service to the largest number of people, at the lowest possible cost” (Piero Corti).

The Foundation was born in Italy in 1993 and since then it has been managed by Dominique Corti: together with her a great team works every day in support of Lacor Hospital in North Uganda; this is not only a no-profit a non-profit medical care center, but also an important training center where many Ugandans can achieve and qualify to provide health care.


Avion for Sport

We are proud to participate in sports projects that encourage the development of young talents and promote social integration.

Through Avion sponsorships, we like to know that we are contributing to the development of sport and sports related training activities.

Vavassori Tennis Academy

A collaboration with one of the best Italian tennis academies, which, in addition to supporting athletes and professionals, develops specific programmes to bring children closer to this discipline, with a view to both social and sports development.


Xmasters Beach Rugby

Inclusion, team spirit and resilience are typical concepts of Rugby that also find expression in Avion’s area of operations. From the sharing of these values came the collaboration with Beach Rugby, which for years has been promoting the participation of senior and junior professionals and athletes with mental and intellectual disabilities in Rugby activities. Avion supports the Ambrosiana Rugby team at the Xmasters Beach Rugby in the 10th ed. of DEEJAY Xmasters, the biggest event dedicated to Action Sports in Italy.


Sant’Agata Nippon Club

In Oriental Martial Arts School of Sant’Agata Nippon Club study and practice take place alternately. Respect and friendship are the basis of the long-time relationship between Avion and the Sport Association based in Cassina de’Pecchi near Milan where, under the technical direction of the instructor Mr. Fausto Cambula, traditional Martial Arts -that are not just a sport- become part of the emotional and psychic balance of practitioners’ life. Educational and technical programmes are aimed at everyone, children and adults, thanks to the high level of professional training of the instructors, including expertise on “disability and sport”.


We will be delighted to discuss potential sponsorships and partnerships aimed at promoting social, cultural and sports activities.

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