Avion Company has obtained the certification of authorised economic operator (AEO) Customs Agency look that fits into the broader perspective of a project for the improvement and updating of company procedures.

The status of authorised economic operator (AEO) AEO is very coveted and qualify the company as a reliable person and to the Customs authorities, and undoubtedly guarantees standards of excellence in logistics and supply chain management then most customers protection and shipments of the same.

In fact the certification obtained by Avion Company is the AEO-F (Full) that ensures both compliance with safety-related legislation AEO-S (Security) and those relating to the Customs AEO-C compliance (Compliance).

To understand some of the advantages for both Company and the Avion Ns. customers surely we can mention:

  • Best value with the Customs authorities
  • Less likelihood of controls
  • Best image as a safe and reliable logistics operator

AEO certification involves even faster clearance times in other countries where there are similar programs such as the one already active in Japan and C-TPAT in finalization phase in the USA.