15 3 2023

Export from Italy to China by Avion air freight consolidation service

Italy-China export: our air consolidation service


Securing cargo traveling by consolidated air from Italy is the focus of our palletizing service.

The making and closing of pallets is carried out by our specialized operators directly in the AVION warehouse near Milan Malpensa Airport. Our team takes care of every detail of packaging to preserve the cargo from any break-in attempt throughout the shipping process.

All vehicles are equipped with a sealing system to ensure continuity of the entire security chain.

In this way, the goods remain in a sterile and secure area even at the airport, in compliance with the procedure prescribed by ENAC.


Air freight forwarding has always been the flagship of Avion’s services.


Companies who entrust us with their export business from ITALY to CHINA can rely on our consolidated air service with direct flights and twice-weekly departures to:

– Hong Kong

– Shanghai

After the cargo arrives at the destination hubs, we also provide for its distribution within the Chinese territory.

The Avion team is at your disposal for any international goods shipment request or consultancy.
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