Customs and tax

Our in-house customs department provides customs clearance and tax consultancy.

Customs clearance and tax consultancy service: Avion’s experience at the service of full customer satisfaction.

The rapid evolution of import and export customs clearance procedures, in relation to commercial flows, increasingly impacts goods handling times and costs.

Avion’s Customs Business Unit has certified experience in the management of customs operations and bureaucracy, which can differ enormously from country to country.

Customers who need assistance in managing customs clearance and tax procedures and relations with customs authorities can count on our qualified team to provide both vertical and personalized support.

Our services


  • Consultancy and Customs Regulations


Combined nomenclature and integrated tariffs

  • Consultancy and the Study of Customs Nomenclature
  • Consultancy and study of the harmonized system commodity codes, classifications and customs items



  • Consultancy and Study of Preferential and Non-Preferential Origins
  • REX system, authorized-registered exporter



  • AEO consulting IVO, ITV, Transaction Value and Royalties


The Avion Customs Clearance team is at your disposal for consultancy targeted to the needs of your specific business in customs and tax matters.

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