19 4 2023

Growing Italian supply chain of isothermal and refrigerated pharmaceutical transportation

The strategic role of pharma logistics in Italy

Pharma shipping is not only distribution of medicines to chemists and retail, but also plays a key role in hospital procurement. In recent years, hospitals have updated their supply chain model by implementing an increasing outsourcing of pharmaceutical logistics and shipping.

On the other hand, an increase in drugs (not only vaccines) that require temperature-controlled transportation with different packaging and temperature ranges has occurred.

These new factors (already appeared during the Covid pandemic and amplified by the Russian-Ukrainian war), have contributed to the growth in the volume of Italian pharma logistics, which in 2022 recorded +7.9% compared to the previous year (source: Contract Logistics Observatory/ Politecnico di Milano).


International shipping for the pharmaceutical industry: AVION transportation solutions

In order to preserve the integrity of pharmaceutical products, it is necessary that products be protected from temperature fluctuations during transportation by refrigeration or temperature-controlled solutions; special packaging and temperature monitoring devices (Dataloggers) are among the main tools used for this purpose.

Avion, together with qualified players in integrated logistics for the pharmaceutical industry, provides international transportation and forwarding of:

  • Pharmaceuticals, Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API), Nutraceuticals

  • Clinical trials

  • Medical and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  • Healthcare industry products


Our Pharma Shipping Methods

  • Air Freight / active cooling


  •  Air Freight / passive cooling


  • Ocean Freight / refrigerated shipping


  • Road Freight / temperature-controlled shipping


All our experience in serving customers


Avion, having obtained ISO 9001 certification for its headquarters in Italy, implements a system of procedures to maintain its Quality Management System at the levels required by the standard. We therefore assure customers of a working approach complying with high quality standards as a result of the optimization of business work processes.

Combining long industry experience, endorsed by ownership of prestigious certifications and authorizations from the shipping business (AEO F, IATA, FIATA, ENAC), strong relationships with major international airlines and shipping companies, and our in-house customs department, complete the Avion service offerings in support of the Pharma industry.


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