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Avion Company Spa International Forwarders, serves the various heavy industries amongst which De-Salting and De-Gassing industries, Oil & Gas Petrochemical sector, Construction,

Power Plants and many other.

Our company has many years of experience in exceptional road, air and ocean trasports all over the world. To handle and transport heavy and oversized goods, knowhow and expertise is required and which our company can provide.What type of truck, appropriate aircraft or vessel to use, is something you acquire with experience and which often results in reduced transit times and satisfied customers. Each transport is unique, thus each individual transport requires its own special attention and Avion’s Project Department is always ready to effect and prepare the on-site inspection studying the most appropriate transport mode.

Transports effected so far like, turbines, complete drilling rigs. transformers, oil & gas, petrochemical infrastructures like Fired Heaters, Silos, Catwalks and any machines or structures which cannot be disassembled is our daily activity.

Avion Company Spa will be available at any time to submit studies and costeffective solutions.